Romans & Greeks Immersive Theatre Performance

(Suitable for Key Stage 2)

Splatt Theatre will take your children on a journey to either Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece through their retelling of the myth ‘Medusa’. Medusa is fast-paced, energetic and highly interactive, incorporating elements of clowning & storytelling to bring this much-loved tale to life. 

Dependant on what topic you are covering, Medusa has been adapted to fit either Romans or Greeks (i.e. If studying the Ancient Greeks, Medusa is performed with clear links to Ancient Greek Mythology/ If studying Ancient Romans, the connections to Classical Roman Literature and Ovid’s version of the tale is closely followed).

What the experience includes

  • Content is designed and written by SPLATT Theatre Company to cover curriculum thematically through Literacy, Drama, Speaking & Listening, History, SMSC.
  • Splatt Theatre will work with children in their individual class groups, as it is very important for us that every child gets the opportunity to be actively engaged in bringing the production of Medusa to life. 
  • A highly interactive production of Medusa performed by two professionally trained actors. 
  • To compliment the production, the children will then participate in a drama workshop where they will have the opportunity to explore the characters and themes from the play in greater detail through either a… 
  • Roman Theatre workshop – here your children will explore Commedia dell’arte, which is a traditional Italian Theatrical practice. Through games and drama activities, your children will explore ‘stock characters’ and the idea of ‘performing in the grotesque.’ 


A Greek Theatre Workshop – Through Theatre Games, Tableaus, Mask-work and Improvisation, your children will discover how actors performed in Ancient Greek Amphitheatres and the role of the Chorus in performance


These are some of the benefits our Roman & Greek experience can achieve for your children;

  • Develops speaking and listening through Drama & Theatre
  • Promotes tolerance & empathy of other cultures & viewpoints
  • Creates a culturally enriching environment
  • Inspiration for their own creative expression and development
  • Develops self confidence
  • Promotes cooperation and collaboration
  • Helps concentration
  • Assists in the engagement of imaginative & possibility thinking
  • Enhances Literary knowledge and skills through an introduction to pros and verse


SPLATT Theatre will come directly to your school and all we will require access to is a school hall/library or a room of a similar size, however we will do our upmost to work around the space you have.


Half day


Prices start from £200