About Us

Sarah Hall is the director of Splatt Theatre Company.  Sarah graduated with a BA in Drama and Theatre studies in 2008, where she had specialised in Storytelling and Theatre for Education.  Sarah then went on to gain an MA in acting from Arts Educational Schools, London in 2009.  Following this, she spent 6 years performing in a wide range of London theatres until deciding to concentrate on creating shows for younger audiences, as this had always been her passion. 

Sarah’s main aim is to deliver high quality Theatre in Education for Primary aged children in and around London.   Sarah believes that children are the most valuable audience to perform to and she has designed and written a wide range of performances, immersive theatre experiences and storytelling workshops to cover Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum.  Sarah believes that enactments and immersion in history and stories which brings them to life, not only enriches children’s learning of specific topics, but also the experiences becomes memorable and fun. 

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